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As we pass our first year in culitivation, many of us are in different stages of development, we would like to reach out to others & share information that we have gathered.  We are by no means experts in navigating these steps, but we are more than willing to share what we have learned. Listed below are some links that contain information we have found helpful.  Please feel free to reach out through our contact page if you would like to connect.  Let's keep it small and local!

Please understand the  information we have found  on this page is always subject to change, as proposals and final decisions evolve.

This is a great site with up to date information about local growers and a good resource for just about anything. Please be aware some of this website is advertisement driven. 

We all need to protect our investment. Not only do we need coverage to comply with CCB regulations but to insure from catastrophic failure. Good Harbor Cannabis can provide all aspects of cannabis insurance, from seed to sale.

Organically Grown

Sustainable Practices

Living Soils

Bio Controls

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